We took out a dozen hazard trees this Spring. They were getting so big they blocked too much light and littered the house with debris.

We had to drop this tree across the driveway because that's the way it was leaning. We laid sheets of OSB and framing lumber over the concrete to protect it. The 41 foot log was about the most my little skid steer and log dolly could handle.

Each tree was yielding about 80 feet of logs. 41 feet is the preferred length but some had to be bucked shorter to remove imperfections.

The site was planted as a Douglas Fir plantation around 1970. You can see from the growth rings on this tree that it grew very fast the first 15 years, then the tree stand got thick which slowed growth down, then about 20 years ago when we thinned the forest the growth rate increased again.

Click this two minute video to watch the self-loader log truck in action.