Building A Stick Frame Around The Timber Frame

The timber frame is enclosed in a (somewhat) typical stick frame. The walls are 2x6 studs, floor joists are 2x10's, and the rafters are 2x12's. This approach makes it easy on subcontractors because all their mechanicals run through standard framing.

8/7/02: It's hard to believe but exterior wall framing is actually complete. Can you see Happy Jeff in this picture?

8/02: Kim applies teak oil to 1x6 tongue and groove knotty pine planks. These planks will be the exposed roof decking on the eve.

8/02: Kim applies the solid oil/latex stain to the rafter tails prior to installation. We prestain the rafter tails because they get a different finish than the exposed pine roof decking and we didn't want to do it standing 30 feet off the ground.

8/02: The rafter tails can get dinged during installation. Kim is in charge of touching them up.

8/19/02: Jeff installs a tie plate in the main ridge board. Tie plates join the sections of the 71 foot long ridge board. It was important to get this ridge board right because the timber frame ridge beam has about a 1/2 inch of wiggle over it's length.

8/23/02: The rafter are about 75% complete. The great room, facia, and barge rafters remain (the hard stuff!).