Working On The Exterior

The siding is done! I can't believe it ... sob sob. Oh please let the stairs be done too please gawd please let the stairs be done ... sob sob.

2/09/03: Siding is done (except for the basement level - I'll be siding that later with hand split cedar shakes). Took two guys three weeks. We'll probably re-do the great room gable end with some artsy singles or something like it.

The exterior is fairly weather-tight. The house is wrapped as high as we could reach, windows are in, and all doors are in except one garage door.

11/22/02: The house is weather-tight (except for one missing garage door) and the deck posts are up.

11/26/02: The best way to cut a 10x10 post is with a chain saw.

11/02: Kim found this bat floating in the bathtub in an inch of water. She pulled him out and dried him off only to have him fly back into the house that evening.

11/02: We didn't want to have to look at the USS Propane so we're burying it.