"Completed" Exterior

I still have some siding touch-up and deck railing to complete but it's basically done.!

11/03: The whole spread viewed from the South West.

The lighting on these fotos is pretty lame but what can you expect for a rain forest in November??

11/03: Normal weather for this time of year. If the average night time temperature was just a couple of degrees colder we'd get buried in snow.

11/03: We call the detached garage the Man House. I was going to build huge eight foot wide dormers front and back but I ran out of energy in September.

11/03: A view of the house from the South West.

11/03: We still need to build the roof over the Master BR deck (upper right in foto).

11/03: A view of the house from the West shows off the deck roof.

11/03: When the sun goes down the lights come on.