Barn Again

The previous owners had basically piled soil up against the wood framed walls of "the barn" which is more like a detatched garage that was once painted red. We ripped out the bad and put in some good.

The pink guest bathroon was next on the list. Today there is not a speck of pink left.

And then there is the orange master bath. The one good thing is the color matches Kim's Oklahoma State fan gear. Remodelling this room will happen in Phase 2.

Kim got covered in drywall dust while sanding a ceiling. We removed the popcorn ceiling and finished off two rooms ourselves. After that we hired somebody.

The previous owner had hacked into the roof trusses to build an attic storage room. Many years later there was major sagging. We ripped out all the bad, jacked everything up to where it should be, and reframed it.